February 8, 2010

Since Friday its was snowing here and finally ended late Saturday night. We got about 32 inches of snow and there will be more coming on Wednesday. I didn’t have any classes Friday and today, school was cancelled. My siblings have been out of school since Thursday and they found out this afternoon that they have tuesday and wednesday off as well. lucky them.

Well, with my off days I took advantage of the time. On Saturday, I finished my chores, thank God. When i don’t they suffocate me like a noose around my neck. Since they were out of the way, I could do my other work calmly. I literally had 5 tall cups of coffee in a single day while I was working. I’m currently taking a break. Maheen asked me if i went to play out in the snow. My answer to that question will always be the same, ” i don’t do snow. rain yes, but not snow.” But late Friday night my mom sent me  with sister # 3 and sister #4 out to clean the cars a little because it was going to snow some more. So we went out then and tried to clean in the strong winds with the falling snow. While we were cleaning, one of our asian neighbors were looking out the window and before we knew it they all came outside and started cleaning as well. Seeing us flashed a light bulb on their heads. Then on Saturday and Sunday, I didn’t go out to clean, the others mostly went and then my dad went yesterday. Oh so back to my working and making use of my time. I must say, I love making lists, and even more I love crossing things off from the lists I make. Exhibit one: squirelly ( that’s my computer) There’s a reason he has that name, and there’s a reason he’s a boy. Anyhow, he loves being covered in lists. I have my master list on him and then my short term lists. Before I do anything, I have to make a list. and then i have to put the list in order of the things i want to do. I usually don’t follow the order, and i know i can make a task list in my gmail but i’m really old fashioned when it comes to writing. There’s nothing more pleasureful than touching a piece of paper with ink. I also have another notebook where i write random things and thoughts when i’m freaking out and writing really helps me calm down, that’s why a list is the first thing i make before i start homework. Break is over. back to work now.


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