Just Jumping around!

February 3, 2010

I’m not the one jumping. I would never. That’s just a title of a flicker photo I saw on popurls. Since i always have trouble making up attractive post titles, I’ve decided to just steal other people’s captions.I’ve literally spent the whole day working with these stupid contacts, which won’t stop making my head hurt. But i will win this war, and keep putting them on. Mostly because They’re about to expire. After doing some hw, i went to food gawker to just look at pictures of food. Not because I was hungry but because the pictures of the food look really nice. For a while i’ve been thinking that since I’m not a good writer at all, I should just adopt photography.

For those of you that don’t know the history of my writing, prepared to be tortured. It all started when…..ok in 3rd grade. I started writing short stories…then there was a phase. Then in 5th grade i felt like I was on top of the world because my teacher Ms. Belardi ( yes i still remember her name) used to make us write stories all the time and then we had to share those stories. SHHHAAAARRREEEEE! That was the best part of it all. Showing off my piece of writing with the whole class. ok, I admit they weren’t good. They sucked, but for a 5th grader I they were super! Then in 6th grade, i didn’t do any writing. i really don’t remember why. Then in 7th grade, I was wowed, and literally amazed with history. I felt like my whole life I had been living in a cave where power rangers fought all the bad guys. I admit i used to watch power rangers when i was a child. In fact I only watched boy shows. This might semi explain my aggressive behavior and lack of a heart. Anyhow, then in 9th grade I went to pakistan for vacation with the family and wrote literally a whole 100 pages of a story. But then when i was almost done with the 100 page notebook i read over it and didn’t like it so i put the whole thing in the tub and trashed it. Then after that i wrote stories here and there but never finished any of them. I wrote half of them or a section and then when i read over it either i hate it or come up with a better idea. So then recently, i told a writer about my problem and he told me to write a short story beginning to end every day. He said that i should start small and not write my big hit novel in the first try. So i’m listening to him and I’m going to get my inspiration from flicker photos that i find. I’ll try to post some up. Let me know what you love or hate about them or me. And just to prove that I take good pictures, I’m posting a picture I took when it snowed here. Its our snow family!


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