These moments can be anywhere.

February 1, 2010

So after I got done with my arabic class this morning, i decided to take advantage of my time and do some arabic notes and calc. HW. Since by now you know I don’t live on campus, i went into the Musallah- a room where the muslim students go to to pray. It turned out that no one was there so i had the honor of turning on the lights. Anyhow, I started doing the arabic notes and checked my e-mail and my calc. prof. has told me that I make very sloppy graphs. Let me just say that I spent all night making those graphs, and then sent them to him and will have to make them again tonight. And on top of all this I have a econ. quiz. Kill me now. this week is going to be so stressful. Anyhow, so as I’m reading my prof’s comments, someone else walks into the Musallah…… on the other side Awkward moment? I think so.  But I’m going to keep working and not pay attention. The atmosphere is already very strange. The biggest reason for this is because now i can’t think out lound and people will think i’m crazy. ok that was my break for the day. Now, to fix those graphs and make them pretty! This is exactly why I shouldn’t be a doctor. I don’t enjoy making calc. graphs pretty. I like to read history and debate. And then we had a dicsussion in arabic class about how here kids can study whatever they want whereas in arab countries the parents decide a child’s future. And then my teacher called me out and was like, ” your parents are making you study medicine right….and you want to do law?” and i was all head down and ” hehe yeah..” where you don’t everyone looking at you and while she said that everyone turned around.

Oh, I almost forgot, another thing that makes this a strange day….I’m wearing what may seem like mismatched socks. Well, its a pair and they come together but one sock was washed in bleach and the other wasn’t. So i have an all white sock on one foot and the other sock is gray from the top where my toes are. pathetic I tell you. Pathetic.


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