Another Deja vu moment.

January 30, 2010

Its snowing….again. My brother just checked and its already 4 inches. What does this mean? Well, for me nothing in particular but i hate watching people clean up the mess after the snow is gone. The period that the snow is actually falling looks pretty, but the flashback of the last snow clean up just destroyed the beauty outside the window. Apart from that my schedule for the day has been ruined as well. I made a list of tasks ( homework tasks) to do on Thursday but i’ve only done one things, which by the way wasn’t even on the list up until 5 minutes i finished it and then just to make myself feel good, i i added it on the darn list. The task was to take calc. notes, so i guess it wasn’t that pathetic. I was taking a break just now and Maheen told me that she hasn’t gotten anything done either. We’re on the same boat tonight. Not literally on the same boat because i would never sit in a boat in this weather unless it was inside and I have too much homework to do! But now that I’ve prayed Maghrib and only have Isha left I’m going to work non-stop and stay up super late to get everything done and then clean tomorrow. InshAllah.


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