i think i’ve found my new home.

January 27, 2010

No, not like when you get married, new home.

For a very long time I’ve tried to figure out where to go to do my homework while i’m on campus. I tried the computer lab for a while but there’s lady there who makes such a huge mess around her that i just want to clean up after her. So i’ve abandoned that this semester. Then one day i came across the cubicles in the library and i really like my seat. Its next to the window so I won’t have to feel claustrophobic, and i can look outside to see what the weather is like. Sitting in a window less room makes me feel disconnected from the world and trust me, its a sad feeling. Anyhow, I’m in the library now, doing homework. I tried to keep Maheen awake. She wanted me to say mean things to her to keep her awake. So i told her that if she didn’t study and go to school and get a top job, she’d have to be a housewife and she would end up with a cruel mother-in-law who would make her work around the house all day and destroy her life. Muahahah. But that just made the thing unproductive, b/c then she had a epiphany that she would in fact have a mother in law. And then i told her that I didn’t want one and if i ended up having one, and wasn’t nice and I couldn’t follow her system, i would’t talk to her unless i needed a buddy to go shopping with me. I’m mean and blunt….i know. Maheen told me and apparently everyone else does too. For example, one of my friends told me that she was taking Developmental psychology and I told her that I would never take the class because I hate kids. Let me just say that this hate wasn’t spontaneous and i wasn’t born with it either. Well, maybe it was. But living with 6 siblings ( who by the way are the only kids I love, I don’t think  I could possibly function with kids in my life). Maybe it has something to do with my system. OK, i say ” system” a lot, like those government officials. But seriously, i think that I demand so much order in life and want so many rules that I think that if I had kids I would make their lives miserable. If you know me, you would probably agree. So, i’ve just decided to love my siblings and stay away from children. Don’t take me wrong. I can take care of your kids if you ask me to, i’m responsible and loving ( kinda)  to them but i just don’t think that I could handle them for so long. I don’t know, maybe this is a coming of age thing and I will learn to love them.

Anyhow, Maheen is coming over for the weekeded….maybe if it doesn’t snow. Then we’re going to go to an Aisan cafe. She wants to go to Olive garden….but i’m low on $ and we have to ask the parents. So for now its the asian cafe and then my sister’s friend is coming over, who is also my friend and we’re going to watch a movie and play this cooking wii game which is suppose to be fun. And during this whole thing, i get to be with maheen and have some bonding time with the siblings, which we always need. Considering, that we all plan to live with each other for THE REST OF OUT LIVES! Seriously, that’s our plan, live together. We don’t plan on getting married. And we have this crazy plan to marry our youngest sister to a ex-CIA agent or body guard who will take over our responsibility and take care of her, and at the same time be submissive to us. Is anyone following this. If you stop talking to me, it will take that as saying too much.

P.S. even though White Collar ( <3) is on tonight, i have to wait till friday to watch it with the sibs. Its another things that increases the love. watch white collar, drool in the process and then talk about how you wish Matt Bomer wasn’t gay, and how my sister’s friend is going to convince him to be straight……enough said. going back to studying.


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