It’s raining the way it should be.

January 25, 2010

Most of my friends know that I absolutely love rainy days. Most people go out of their way to walk in the sun, and I try to do whatever it takes to avoid it. I just love cloudy, rainy days. For some reason they make me extremely happy inside. It stated raining saturday and its still raining today and even though its winter the wind is the perfect temperature of cool. But I’m just not feeling the same type of happiness i should during this weather. Maybe it has to do with the stress of school. I went to class early today to study and ended up falling asleep, and then i had some really strange dreams, half of which i don’t remember anymore. Well, I am still trying to sign up for one more class.

We went to quran class on friday, as usual. I’m really glad I went even though i had gotten home and hour before it started and when i started reading the surah i pronounced a damma as a kasra ( its a grammatical thing). But then i won back the failure by answering all the questions, and then at one point my teacher was like, ” i’m not going to ask you anymore questions b/c you already know them, and other people need a chance…” There was one thing i learned in class that day. It was a hadith about people who immediately accuse of others of doing things w/o any hard proof. The hadith said that people who do this will not be taken out of hell, until they prove that the person they accused really did what they say. This was a scary hadith. And it got me thinking. Often times, We especially me, accuse others, in my case my siblings of lying or not doing what they were told to do. And i was wondering, what will I do when God tells me to provide proof against the person when such a thing doesn’t exist? I was really scared at that thought. And then God made me turn the page that this hadith was on and it said that, ” if you don’t have anything good to say of someone then it is better to remain silent.” And that is what I am going to practice doing from now on. I not going to care, who, what, when or how because the pleasure of the accusation and compulsion to make the person do what you want them to do by repeatedly saying something is temporary. So, one of my sisters, which i don’t get along with as well, the one I accuse – or used to accuse of not doing things or not doing them properly, I didn’t say anything to her or about her to my mom this weekend. I usually would say that she’s lying when she was suppose to do some house chore b/c the way she would do it, wasn’t really my way….but its not worth it at all. I actually should do a post one day of my relationship with my siblings, but not now, i have to study for a quiz……

On Saturday the fam. and I watched Newyork. Its was a ok moive. We weren’t planning on watching anything and the idea was spontaneous. This is a boring post and i really don’t have much to say, but I do want to share this:

Its for people who like the sound of rain. Now you can hear it all the time.


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