Eating in fear and a whole lot of other randomness at the start of the new semester

January 13, 2010

Ok, so spring semester started two days ago. do i like or dislike my classes? that is not the question, people. its did i get all my classes. Yes, thank God I did, i just have one more to get and with the amount of prestering i’ve done to the prof., i think he’s bound to let me get into the class. Monday was terrible though. I kept tripping and almost got run over. That happens to me a lot in the city.

Well, i have decided that this is going to be a A semester, even though i’m taking some hard classes. While everyone is taking fun classes, I’m taking most of my required courses, which include international economics, Chemistry and Calc.

And i’m still in arabic. I think my teacher is glad to have me back. So far that is my only favorite class. Why? B/c i feel super smart in the class and yell out anwers. And i think my chem prof. hates me. I have yet to find out why but i’m going to force her to like me. Not matter what it takes. I’m going to stalk her and go to every office hour. Why do i think she hates me? well, I was trying to fix my schedule and had originally signed up for her 2:00 pm class but then i wanted to change my lab time so on our sign up system in order to change lab i had to drop chem and then sign up for it again. AND in literally .5 second someone had taken the 2 pm class which forced me to sign up for her 12:45 class. What’s the big difference you might wonder? Its pretty big b/c there was another class i wanted at that time. Does this sound familiar to any of you? Anyhow, so i went to her office hours and she stuck a note in my face which said she couldn’t sign anyone else up for the class.

Anyhow, forget about her. And i don’t remember every detail from the last two days either. So as i said, its going to be an A semester iA! I’m not even kidding. I have plenty of time on campus to finish my homeworks and the fact that I deactivated facebook and twitter and what not, means i have lots of time to do hw. I’m already off to a good start. While i had bronchitis this winter break i did chem notes – 6 chapter. YAY! And i’m reading ahead for calc. and econ. And i’ve decided that since arabic comes easy for me I’m going to finish all the week’s homework for the class over the weekend. This took a lot of planning. I’m telling you. And i’m going to work at home in the basement without the computer. The only time i use the computer now is when i have to check my e-mail. At first i was having facebook withdrawls where i would read the new 20 times a day from different news sites. you name it, BBC, the nation, ccn, huffington post, salon, popurl, times, the new yorker…..need i say more.

So the part about me eating in fear. I’m sitting in the computer lab eating soup right now and i’m so scared! there are signs everywhere that say no foods or drinks allowed and I’m so afraid that someone is going to come in here and yell at me and tell me to leave. I’ve never done this before and its not like I like breaking the rules but since i don’t live on campus i didn’t know where else to go and i really have to get homework done. I’m trying to eat super fast. And just to defend myself, i would like to mention the other people are eating snacks and i’ve seen people eating lunch in here before. YIKES! but i’m still scared. On the plus side, i can’t wait to go home and eat my trader Joe’s choclate bark. I’m a fatty i know.


4 Responses to “Eating in fear and a whole lot of other randomness at the start of the new semester”

  1. Good luck with your semester. iA it goes amazingly well 🙂

  2. Argh, I totally know about the damn feeling you get when you try to sign up for a course just to notice that some other fellow student had rudely been faster than you. That happens especially easily when we talk about lab courses or the language courses, as their sizes are kept quite small to “ensure the proper space for the student to learn” and blah blah.

    And as for eating in the lab, I do that too, but only… kind of. I have to have my throat pastilles with me wherever I go, and I have many times sneakily reached for them even though we’ve been told that eating in the lab is a no-no. But hey, I hope you enjoyed your soup, even though the circumstances we obviously a tad bit stressful.

    Anyhow. Best of luck with your studies! May Allah make it easy for you (:

  3. Alisha Says:

    So did you get caught eating?
    I used to do that a lot during our Bio lessons. The teacher was so laid back, she was completely okay with us eating! 😀

    • lifeanddramaofhandm Says:

      NO i didn’t get caught but i ate super fast and the whole time i was so scared. Once i put my head down in the computer lab and a police officer walked in and asked me if I was alright. I told her that i just wasn’t feeling well and she told me to put my head up or leave. That was scary! hehe.
      i like chill teachers. What grade are you in? I only have one friend from Sri Lanka, but we hardly stay in touch now b/c we go to different universities. I’m really interested in know about the school system there. Do you even plan to study abroad?

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