What happened to the good old days?

January 3, 2010

I’m currently taking a break form chemming. I seemed to have organized the notebook pretty well with tabs and everything. Its a masterpiece in progress i tell you. Anyhow, as I was taking a break, i decided to browse through the most popular flicker photos and I have to tell you the site is addicting. I found a picture by a pakistani photographer and his work is amazing. Most of the pictures are of places in Sindh in Thatta. I never knew that pakistan was so rich on art and has a history in architecture. Its amazing. The pictures of the desert and camel races and just overwhelming. The people in the pictures look so peaceful and content with their lives. Even the beautiful mosques and places seem like they’re smiling. I remember the last time we went to pakistan and did absolutely nothing and mostly stayed in an AC room and went shopping. I really want to go back and explore the country this time, capture all the lovely places we go to in my camera and learn about the land in general. The people in the desert are so different from the typical pakistani one sees on the streets of Lahore or Karachi. I would be interesting to see how they live their lives. My Islam prof. told us once that there are still places in the world that haven’t been touched by the west or modernism. It is these places I want to go see. To see how life is like for these people, what they think the future brings, listen to the stories of their ancestors, about sufi masters, poets. To sit in a tea house with a beautiful and warm aroma filling the room and nothing to listen to but the peaceful silence and maybe soulful sufi music, which in the words of rumi, ” is like a ladder to heaven.”

You know how every kid when he’s young says that he’s going to travel around the world when he grows up? Well, I still want to do that. Backpacking seems pretty fun and cheap. But i don’t want to go to places like London or Paris. It is places like Thatta and the desert of Jordan, the markets of Morocco, the villages in the mountains in China that I really want to see. I want to see the beauty that God has created for us and the simplicity that people in this world are still living. In reality they are the ones whose hearts are at peace, even without laptops, AC or a car. These people are really living the good life.


2 Responses to “What happened to the good old days?”

  1. Alisha Says:

    Nice blog! I know what you mean about traveling, I would love to as well. There is no better way to broaden one’s horizons…

    • lifeanddramaofhandm Says:

      Awww, thanks! i like your blog too.
      Just put up a new post. you might like it.
      Happy blogging and stay in touch!

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