let’s talk over a nice cup of coffee.

December 31, 2009

I haven’t had coffee since school let out. I’m not exactly sure if I should be having withdrawl symptoms. Perhaps I’m already having them but don’t realized. I checked the weather and its suppose to snow today. After the last snow storm I don’t want to look at snow again….ever. Its was ugly, and it snowed while I was sick so i didn’t get a chance to go outside and play in it. which I wouldn’t have done even if I was ok, because I’m just not a snow person. On the first day of snow this year I went out with my sisters to make a snow family and take pictures and then i rushed inside to change. that was my fun in the snow.

I can’t wait for spring. I love fall and spring showers. Those days are perfect. Sunny during the day and slowly the sky is covered with gray clouds….amazing! Those day really cheer a person up! And I’m not one to use a unbrealla in any ocassion. Guess I will have wait till then. For now, I’m going to bed. Its 12:06 am, Happy thursday. last day of the year.


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