December 29, 2009

At first I thought that I should follow the progress of my flu. Record my sound of my coughing ( which can break a window), calculate the amount of Daquil I’ve taken ( which does not seem to work, and my father thinks its a fake), write make a line graph of my temperatures ( 101.8, 99.2, 100.9), and lastly, make a flaw chart of all the things I did wrong which made the flu experience worse ( went out in the snow with flip flops, didn’t wear a jacket outside etc). But then I thought…… ” I feel like crap, why go through this.” But i’m seriously going to consider the next time i get sick.

This experience has taught me to never pray to get sick again. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the flu before or at least not like this, and I was around sick people in school and managed to keep myself fairly healthy so why did this happen the day I went on winter break? Because a few days before we went on break I went and got the flu shot! Or my sister gave it to me. In any case this flu has made me completely worthless. I haven’t done anything because of it and my mother forces me to smell VICKS! Well, at least the one we use didn’t expire 9 years ago. ( long story for another day). the only good thing about being sick is drinking Trader Joe’s orange, peach and mango juice ( its not 3 juices, its 1 people!) But now i’m staring to think that my cheeks are going to blow up so I will force myself to drink water.

So while I was feeling like crap, there wasn’t much I could do to keep myself busy. I keep sending e-mails to places i have to be with the subject as ” sickness” and nothing more needs to be said. On the plus side, I have managed to get a head start on my classes for next semester.

The fam. and I watched “UP” last night, good movie…. to them. But I still have some issues with it. like, where’s the freaking house! And I probably read the news like 10 times a day. It’s depressing and it all makes sense….that’s what’s so attractive about it.

Leave a comment so I know you were here. I’m trying to increase popularity on the blog. Is that being selfish?


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