You were gone for ever so this is the part of my life you missed out on.

December 8, 2009

OK, so it wasn’t forever, only a few days but still……

To start of with, after you left I was still going to school and on Monday I really felt the emptiness inside when….i had no one to call and talk to on the bus. T_T ( at that moment these were some very sad tears). It was then that i realized that you were probably the only person i actually talked to on the phone and felt comfortable doing so.

I went to the annual birthday outing with Nausheen, Saira and Madiha. I have to say that I absolutely love this tradition. We’re all born around the same days in November so we make it a point to have dinner together in November. Granted, I am the only one that will often back down last minute. We had a great time. We talked about being old, our dislike for marriage, driving tickets etc. The outing was on Nov. 21st, the same day as Nausheen Birthday so that just made it super special. Then Saira was suppose to give me a ride back home and we searched for her car for 30 mins. because she couldn’t remember where she had parked. Don’t be so shocked, things like this are expected to Saira. She’s really smart but when it comes to a real life application……but she’s amazing. I think that these girls and you are probably the only few people i am actually compatible with. OK, that just says something about myself….I am a loser!

Then thanksgiving break came along.( i’m trying to make this short)

I went to my uncle’s house. His kids are amazing, but only for the first 30 mins. We spent 4 days there, and I could not sleep any of those days. But the food was great. My memories of the trip are a little fuzzy now but i do remember eating good food, watching a movie here and there, putting on henna and watching my uncle walk around the house i bloody clothes from the lamp sacrafice he made for EID. But the important thing is that I spent my time with Family, especially my other 4 sister who I don’t get to see often. I’m sure they liked it too. They wouldn’t let us leave and wanted to come with.

Oh did i mention that during this time, I had Farah babysit the birds? Yes, i know she has a cat but apparently the cat fears the birds. don’t ask. i don’t know what to say. But she did a great job taking care of them. Guess who’s going to keep them hen we go to Germany?

By the time I came back from my uncle’s you were back. I don’t know why we didn’t speak then. I can’t remember. I don’t even remember when exactly we did talk to each other. Did you call me or did I call first?

Anyhow, sice we hadn’t talked I still felt lonely. Not the depressed kind of lonely but the, ” man, i wish i had some maheenness back in my life…” lonely. Or maybe it wasn’t even that, I just had to know that you were here.

Then one of these days, Dilroop messaged me. Point to note, she froze my internet window with the fb chat but still. I miss her. She’s going into international affairs. And apparently she is the only person who supports me in my decison to become dictator of a 3rd world country. I told her that if she ran for elections in india in a few years we could be BFFs. she said she’ll try. We talked for a long time about dictator behavior wants and needs. It was clearly enjoying myself but I had to stop to study for class.

Anyhow, I missed you! How was your trip?


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