Who the Heck puts beer in beer bread.

December 8, 2009

I feel like I’m telling you some deep secret, but I have to let it out.

On Friday, I took my brother to his winter concert. He plays the Viola. Which apparently, is bigger than the violin. I had no idea. It doesn’t sounds better than the violin but he likes it.

Anyhow, the school had two sections set up. One was holiday shopping for adults and one for Kids.

The one for adults had stands set up by people around the community who owned small businesses. I had no idea that women in our community were so creative and drive. But that’s another story for another day.

Did i mention Luisa was with me. the girl form high school? well, she was and we walked to the stands together. There were two old women that were selling, what looked like to me cat scratcher posts from a distance. When i walked closer I found out that it was really toliet paper holders. the old ladies were cute and my dumbness made them laugh.

Anyhow, then we go to this one lady who works with a company that sells ready made food. She said that you have to just open the packages, add 1 or two inggredients and Ta-da the food was ready. She had samples for people to try. I took a bit of the cookies. They tasted fine. Then as she was talking to Lusia, me being the idiot I am sampled the other foods on the table. There was bread on the table and I was missing my roti. So i took a piece of the bread and put it in my mouth. At that instant, She points to the bread and says, ” This is beer bread. I usually add sprite and put it in the oven, sometimes I add some beer….”

that was the breaking point. My mouth was completely open with the bread still in my mouth. And i asked her in a strange voice, ” so what did you add in it today…” ” oh, a little beer, b/c the smell of beer around the house is amazing….” I was feeling dizzy and did not know how to react. I looked for a trashcan around me but couldn’t find anything. That was it. I ran to the bathroom, spit out the bread and rinsed my mouth several times. I even tried to make myself throw up but failed. And now ever since that day I have in one way or another tried to express hate for that woman and the stupid beer bread. Who came up with that concept anyways?

Then to get payback I at all the cookies on teh table. gahhhhhhh. Ok at least I let it out. You can hate me.


2 Responses to “Who the Heck puts beer in beer bread.”

  1. Aww, that was funny… though a bit unfortunate for you, of course. But at least you got your revenge, no? 😀

    Nice blog you have here. Found myself here via Muslim Girl’s blog, and I’m liking your posts. Keep it up! (:

  2. humie Says:

    Thanks! I did get my revenge…sort of and then another person called me a few days later to give me a free facial. yay!

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