Careers….because I don’t have one yet!

October 10, 2009

Not that I officially have a career right now, but I’m at that stage in my life where the more exposure I get to different fields and people the more I want to do what they are doing. In the past I’ve wanted to be a commi dictator, a diplomat ( complete opposites), a writer a doctor etc,  but its the truth. As of this moment I want to be a movie/music video director. Partially becasue i saw the latest music video of Outlandish’s new song “Feel like saving the world”. The song was gook but the music video could have been better.

Anyhow, the reason I’m going off on tantrum on dream careers is because Thursday my Islam class prof. was discussing how muslims during the earlier days of islam and during the period of Islamic Renissance were not just experts in one particular field but had vast knowledge in many things. For example one of the people he mentioned was Abu Nasr Farabi who was the father of Islamic Political Philosophy but at the same time knew 72 languages. 72 languages might be a slight exaggeration but in any case the man knew a lot of languages. By the way, he’s kinda my role model becasue I want to spend some part of my life in a middle eastern country living in a cave in the desert learning as many languages as possible. Let’s see if thid dream becomes a reality.

So back on track. I often wonder what people would really want to be in their lives or what they think would be their ideal career path if they did not have to worry about societal pressures such as what they parents want ( if you’re asian/desi you know what I’m talking bout), financial security, ect. What was your dream career path until someone crushed that dream like a autumn leaf. Back in elementary school, did you or someone in your class really considered going to clown university, until your parents told you that you needed a real degree to not be homeless and have some level of pride? Not to say that clown school doesn’t boost your confidence and isn’t a respected field.

Be honest, what was your dream career when you were young? Is it still in the back of your mind? How concerned are you about what others ( society, friends, family) might think?


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