my life is muslim dot com

October 2, 2009

I should be writing my history paper but this is more important.Ok I lie. but I want to get this down before I get preoccupied with something else.

I really don’t understand the site FML, maybe because I don’t say the acronym myself but I think its highly pointless and gives people a reason to earn sympathy and other to feel less pathetic knowing that there is someone else worse off then them.

Then there comes the My life is Desi site. I have to admit that I have gone on the site several times an I think its really funny but I really like the my life is muslim site. Go check it out.

here are two I came up with  ” Today someone asked my friend if the ” turban” we wore on our heads were of different colors for a reason….” [my life is muslim]

” Today my teacher asked me why I didn’t do my homework and wasn’t answering questions in class, I told her ” Ramadan got to me”

” Today, my friend asked me what halal chicken tastes like.”


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