Its the second week of school and I still love it.

September 10, 2009

So the second week of school is almost over. How was your week?

I just took so many blood pressures for the bloo pressure program we talked about. After I got done with that though i had a sudden realization. It was that I need to have a blood pressure cuff of my own. So i went to a med supply website and tried to order one. But then…. i couldn’t decide on the color. I want to look professional but i really like the purple cuffs. But i guess I will go with the red kit because it says in the description, ” perfect for EMTs and nurses.” so that ‘s professional right? I can’t believe the last 10 days of Ramadan are here. We both have to make the last 10 better than last year! work hard. keep fighting.

Did you hear president Obama’s speech last night? what did you think? if you didn’t hear it…will you go read it now?

I heard some commentary about it on the radio this morning. I don’t know why republicans call his health care plan socialist. I know abnout politics and goverment and I would not call this plan socialist. These people need to get their facts straight. Do they know that the fire department and police department system is a form of socialism? why don’t they attack them? Do they want the fire department to ask them for their insurance when they arrive at the scene of their burning house? well, that’s all I will say about the speech. Did I tell you that I still live my arabic class? even though its getting harder and the Islam professor is amazing.

I asked him if he could give me some titles of books that contained translations of Rumi’s poetry. Although translations would not do the poetry justice. But I will have to read the translations unitl I learn persian my self.

Oh that reminds me….NEW dream….live in a cave and learn as many languages as possible.


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