Could this day have been any more wierd?????????

May 1, 2009

I don’t even know where to being the story of my life on April 30th 2009. A lot happened and most of it was embarassing.

Oh i know… so i was going to the campus psych department to get some paperwork signed for my summer  classes and the professor wasn’t there. and sometimes i lose my sense of direction when i am on campus so i just stand in the middle of the sidewalk trying to remember where i’m going. that is why when i first started college I took pictures of all the buildings i had to go to and took notes for clues to remember my way around. Anyways, as i was going back to the lab i went into the elevator and there were these people in it with me… and what do say to people in the elevator anyways, when you’re with them. Its so strange… the 48 seconds of silence. back to the story, we all got off on the same floor and this guy was walking in front of me and he couldn’t figure out where to go…. and due to my ocd problems i believe that people should walk in single files so i was right behind him. His book bag was this strange green color and for some reason it was distracting and in my defense i will say that my glasses were also dirty. so i almost fell on him. and he turned abound and all that came out of my mouth was…” ughhhhahhhhhh” in a really lame way with my hands out. I wish i could draw it but unfortunately, i can’t. I never want to see him again. I was so embarassed. i think that at that moment i must have looked like a foreign elf.

anyways, the next big event of the day: i went to my history class and when class almost started all these new people started to come in that i had never seen before. It tunred out that people from some chem class also had class at the same time in the same room. My prof. came in first and told everyone that this was his assigned classroom and that the chem kids had to leave. but just then the chem prof. ( who i will have next semester) walked in and she goes like, ” this is my classroom… you need to leave.” to my prof.

My prof: ” who’s here for chem?”

2% of the people raise their hands.

My prof.” who’s here for cold war?”

97% raise hands. the other 1% were too confused to do anything.

and then she was so mean to my prof. He gave in and let her have the classroom. I was mad! I wanted a cold war in the classroom showdown! i was also disappointed at my prof. Of  all the things he’s taught us from the cold war… weakness was not one of them! he should have advocated brinksmanship. i think that’s the correct term.

well, we had to have class at some other building. i thought it was pretty funny.

what else… i fell for a spam message and had to change my fb password… and… this is really funny, it was someone’s status message:

” people use to say that when a black man becomes president, pig will fly… a hundred days into Obama’s presidency and swine fleu..” LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! i though it was so funny. but then again i think everything is funny.


One Response to “Could this day have been any more wierd?????????”

  1. Izzy Says:

    … am I allowed to comment without an account? ^^; … oh well. I guess there’s always a time to be rebellious. XD

    Do you know who this is? How about: Georgetown!! ❤ … are you more confused? sorry ^^;

    I love the entry! Made me LOL! Especially the part about almost running into that one guy with the green bag! Seriously! I swear I’ve done that! It’s really embarrassing! Then I walk away with a goofy grin and start muttering about how much fail I was just then… and I embarrass myself even more! Never Ending Cycle of Fail! XD (I especially liked the eloquent response: ” ughhhhahhhhhh” lmao! Seriously, I can totally relate!)

    I agree! What better way to learn about the Cold War than to see it first hand in a classroom! I don’t know how to demonstrate the arms race, but I’m sure it’s possible! Probably involves a lot of sharpened pencils and textbooks… buying up all the expense textbooks hoping the opponent will do the same and go broke??? (what dumb ideas of mine. -_-; ) Your professor sounds too nice (and like all my professors! O.o) XD

    You’re quote at the end was really funny… and yet, I feel bad about laughing. ^^;

    I hope you don’t mind if I become a follower of your blog.

    Have fun with it! ^-^<3


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