The Wii drama!

April 26, 2009

I love Wii!ok so maybe i really don’t but its so much fun!We must have a wii challenge at our reunion with everyone.

I eneded up getting it for Ahmed. I have’t gotten the wii fit b/c 1. i don’t have money and 2. let’s see how long the wii addiction lasts. and school is almost over! yay! i just have one more paper to write and then exams all next week and the week after. How is your tech list coming along? Have you made a decision yet? Take your time. gahhhhhhh. the i have so much cleaning to do! And homework ofcourse. This coming week i must study like never before. The good thing is that i havae plenty of time to do so. There’s a thunderstorm outside! I just brough in the birds. I love thunder showers! Makes you want to quickly clean and sit by the window and relax and read a good book…or just blog! Ok so i’m going to do one more round of wii tennis and then finish my paper, clean and hoepfully do the laundry.


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