First post… i know its random.

April 16, 2009

salaam Maheen,

Since you’re quite busy with studying for exams and have not yet replied to my wall posts, i’ve decided to write the first post. Don’t tell me that i’m impatient, i already know this.Today I came to the conclusion that i must see a doctor soon reagarding my foot.Remember when i ran with heels? well, that caused serious pain to my right foot. The inncident happened about a month ago but my foot still hurts and its hard to walk. This reminds me of a quote i always say to my brother when he does something, ” Don’t blame time and people about you cirsumstances because it was you who hs brough this upon yourself”

I have so much work to do and i don’t know where to begin. My plan is to write most of my papers this weekend.How far have you gotten?

Oh my mom finally came back today! yay! i’m so glad she’s home. When she came home i think i finally accepted the reality that my grandmother is not with us anymore. I don’t think I can ever go back to Pakistan again. Things will never be the same. My mom brought back some of her jewelery. She was the coolest grandmother! i remember when i last went to Pakistan, she suggested i get two more ear piercing and get my nose pierced. She had 5 ear piercing on each ear. She didn’t want me to tell my mother. But my mom found out and refused.

My mom also brought us lots of clothes. they’re really nice, but i have to get skinny to wear them and look nice. Actually, my mom said that we just may go to Germany ove the summer b/c my uncles really want us to visit… so she said that i must get skinny asap. tell me you secret!

ok i should go pray now. Good luck studying.


One Response to “First post… i know its random.”

  1. elixer006 Says:

    I’m kinda confused about this blog thing..I had to make one first. I called it elixer006..random i know. But I dont know how we’re working this one..I cant seem to make any additions on lifeanddramaofhandm, which btw humaira, sounds kinda silly (I thought at first it was “hand” and was like huh? lol but I got it).. But anyways, in response to your posts which Im seeing very late I know, have you gone to see the doctor for your foot yet? And did Ahmed for the med reaction?
    I glad your mom’s back too. Your grandmother sounds awesome, you should definitely get those piercings one day like she had said..just maybe not the nose one ;]. And your going to Germany over the summer? That’s great! And lol to getting skinny to impress your possible betrothed :] jp (actually, you would know better). My secret–you mean the skinniness? lol..I dont think my eating style is very healthy so your best without it. And you should get an umbrella; but i cant chide, I never take one either! One of those raining days, I didnt even have a jacket and it started raining so hard on campus, I must have looked like a poor person. I liked to pretend I’m enjoying myself with the rain. Which I was somewhat. Anyways, I have to go do some studying..I think this blogging stuff will really waste our time..haha


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